Golden Sayings

Hazrat Ali (R.A), the fourth Caliph of Islam asked the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) one day about the principles which governed his general behaviour. He replied:

  • Knowledge is my Capital.
  • Reason is the basis of my Relegion.
  • Desire is my mount for Riding.
  • Zikr (Remembrance) of Allah the Almighty is my Comrade.
  • Confidence is my Treasure.
  • Anxiety is my Companion.
  • Science is my Arm.
  • Patience is my Mantle.
  • Contentment is my Booty.
  • Modesty is my Pride.
  • Renunciation of pleasure is my Profession.
  • Certitude is my Food.
  • Truth is my Intercessor.
  • Obedience is my Grandeur.
  • Struggle is my habitude and the delight of my heart is Prayers.


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