With Great Power, comes the Great Responsibility.

About a week ago, on 23 May 2013, I was appointed as the President of the SoftSociety by the Committee of Computer Science Department headed by Sir Muhammad Irfan (Department Operating Officer - Computer Science Department). I have been regarded as the youngest President in the history of SoftSociety. All the Ex-Presidents were chosen when they were in 7th semester but I was elected only when I was in 6th semester. Its really an honour for me to be the President of our society. Appointing a President from a list of candidates was a new experience. Formerly Presidents were chosen directly by the DOO-CS department, but this time candidates submitted their applications for the respective posts.
              Somebody said truely: "With Great Power, comes the Great Responsibility". The very next day, the Infant President was given the task of managing a National Level Event i.e Vision ICT and TechnoMoot and the mission was accomplished successfully with the collaboration of Organizing Committee Team. Next Mission is of CS Evening which is also a tough job will be held on June 14. 


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