The Journey of Life

                                                        *.........The Journey of Life.........*

In the journey of life, there comes a time where a most difficult word seems to be soft and sweet, where we feel the suffocation of a closed street, where the 'hope' dies, our imagination and thinking stops, but like this mortal life these moments are also comprised of few seconds. Life like a river flowing, passes by here slightly, and we don't even know, then these difficult moments became a pleasant memories of our past. Those silent breathes that have wrapped a white blanket, those eyes that become still and the smile that was caught up by the lips, like a passed season  returns back. All those mischievousness that had been set in the west, like a  sun, rises up. Now while sitting in the sweet  moonlight we thought that crying, weeping was a part of life that had been passed with the time, and we like a tired, lost, fallen ant, in the search of our destiny, start moving again. That's Life...!!!!!


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