An easy approach to play "Flash files" in ASP.Net

While getting stuck on playing a flash file in ASP.Net, I found a simple solution to it. So I found it better to share this with others.

Step 1

Go to the website Download FlashControl v2.4 Free version (Free version works perfectly), or you can buy full version from the site.

Step 2

Unzip the file and put it somewhere on the your hard drive, e.g "C:\Users\Saad\Documents". Now in Visual Studio, open the Toolbox window, right-click on a tab (you can create a new one if you want) and select “Choose items…”, then on the “.Net Framework components” tab click “Browse…” and select the “FlashControl.dll” file located in "C:\Users\Saad\Documents". Finally click the “OK” button and FlashControl appears on the Toolbox.(if not just restat visual studio) Now you can drag and drop it on your webform in the Visual Studio designer.

Step 3

Now add a flash file in your Visual Studio Project.

Step 4

In the properties panel of the flash control, go to the MovieUrl and specify the path of your flash file in your project. You can set rest of the properties as per your needs.

Run your project to play the flash file in browser.

You can apply your own CSS to beautify the content of the flash control.

The above mentioned procedure is tested by me in Visual Studio 2012 and works perfectly.


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